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Theological Training for Utah Church Planters

By Ross Anderson

For years I’ve been interested in theological training that equips people for ministry in Utah’s unique cultural setting.  That’s why I’m excited about a new opportunity coming to Utah.  Church Birthing Matrix is a strategy for planting churches.  But as part of that strategy, they are creating a training process to give individuals a theological and practical foundation for ministry right where they live.

This training is geared for laypersons exploring a transition into vocational ministry, whether as church planters or any ministry role.  It is also ideal for those who have started in ministry but have not been able, due to job or family commitments or costs, to enroll in traditional theological education.  We are also happy to enroll lay leaders whose ministry in the church would be enhanced by more training.  The program is not accredited at this point, because the emphasis is on actual preparation for ministry rather than meeting institutional requirements.

The process will involve gathering cohorts throughout Utah (and the USA) for webinar training using highly qualified instructors.  Classes are offered every Tuesday night and one Saturday each month.  (Students can enroll in either or both.)  The entire training would take two school years to complete for someone enrolled in every course.

Each cohort will be led by a local trainer, a mentor / coach who will help cohort members apply the training in their own ministry settings.  Thus each cohort will learn in the context of relationships and will have personal guidance from someone experienced in local ministry.  At present it looks like there will be 2 cohorts in Utah, meeting in Taylorsville and Layton.  I’ll be leading the northern group.

Right now registration is open for Fall 2013.   Along with the overall program description, the catalog and course descriptions are available online, as well as tuition information and how to register.  Please take time to check out the quality of courses offered as well as the reasonable price.

Please spread the word to anyone you know who might benefit from this training experience.  If you need more information, contact me at

One other thing: if we have a qualified trainer and enough interested parties, we can form cohorts in other communities as well.  If you’re interested in doing this in Cache Valley, St. George, central Utah, etc. please let me know.

Urban Conference in Salt Lake City


May 29, 2013 – Salt Lake City, Utah


(Pastor Brian Tebben) 


Loving Utah wishes to promote local events that contribute to wisdom and success for church planters.  This upcoming local conference looks like it will accomplish that goal.

God designed people to live in community and to inhabit places that nourish us physically, socially, culturally, and spiritually.  In other words, people and places go together!

Christian pastors and leaders miss out on the joy and privilege of participating in the planning, design, and building of livable neighborhoods, downtowns, or cities that help nourish individuals and communities for generations (including the opportunity churches have to contribute to the built environment through their own building projects).

ZipCode Calling is a one-day event for Christian pastors and leaders that will help rectify this blind spot.  ZipCode Calling will not only help attendees to discover the principles of great placemaking, it will also provide them with tools to help design and build great places, or redesign, retrofit, and redeem hurting places in your community.

To learn more about the conference location and schedule, session topics, and how to register, go to Center for Environmental Leadership.