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Panelists for the THINK OUTSIDE Ministry Workshop

The “Think Outside” Ministry Workshop will feature several experienced leaders who have been successful at helping churches become more outwardly focused.

Our panelists represent a wealth of ministry experience in church outreach, using a variety of different models and targeting many different audiences.

Ross Anderson

Ross Anderson is our host and moderator. Ross is Director of Utah Advance Ministries, which seeks to help churches wisely engage Utah’s unique religious and cultural climate. He also serves as a Teaching Pastor at Alpine Church.

Dave Elshaug

Dave Elshaug is Executive Pastor at K-2 the Church. One of Salt Lake City’s most dynamic churches, K-2 focuses on reaching a non-LDS, secular population. Dave is also Director of Loving Utah, a church planting network.

Steve BennetsenSteve Bennetsen is a Teaching Pastor and Executive Pastor at Alpine Church. Alpine has grown considerably over the last decade by mastering the strategy of using Sunday services as a gateway for people far from God.

Rene MelendezRene Melendez is Pastor at Alpine Church‘s Latino Campus. He is succeeding at applying Alpine’s outreach and discipleship strategy to a Latino cultural setting.

Alfred Murillo is Director of the Synergy in Action Network. Alfred MurilloFormerly at the Utah Dream Center, Alfred specializes in helping churches set up ministries that share Christ and practice justice by meeting practical needs in the community.

Hope Taylor is Director of the International Leadership Embassy in Hope TaylorWashington, D.C. ILE helps Christians engage their communities by impacting government, with an ultimate aim of transforming culture.

Fred Lopez

Fred Lopez is co-host. He is Senior Pastor at Hope Resurrected Church. Adopting new perspectives and practices toward outreach, Fred has led the church to a growth surge that has required recently moving to a larger facility.


The Workshop is Saturday, February 7 from 8:30am-12:20pm

Location: Alpine Church offices at 2564 Washington Blvd., Ogden Utah.

RSVP to Ross Anderson –
Don’t come alone! Bring someone from your leadership team to process ideas with.

Sponsored by Loving Utah: A Church Planting Network.

THINK OUTSIDE Workshop February 7

Many churches are in decline or plateau in America.  They are losing people and losing momentum.  This is evidence that most Christians believe evangelism and outreach is optional for church members.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  That’s why we’re gathering on Saturday, February 7 for the Think Outside FREE Ministry Workshop in Ogden:  How Churches succeed in reaching people far from God.

The Bible describes the church as a family, and often people in churches can turn inward and focus only on current family members. But the Bible is clear about our Great Commission to go and reach new members to God’s Family. So how do we “Think Outside” our church walls? A FREE Ministry Workshop will tackle this dilemma on Saturday, February 7 8:30am-12:20pm followed by lunch with presenters.



RSVP to                                                            Ross Anderson –   Don’t come alone! Bring someone from your leadership team to process ideas with.

Location: Alpine Church offices at               2564 Washington Blvd., Ogden Utah.

Theme: Explore foundational perspectives and helpful practices that will transform churches to greater effectiveness at reaching lost people with the gospel of Christ.

8:30 Registration / Coffee / Fellowship

9:00 Session I: Perspectives on Effective Outreach:  A panel of pastors will explore basic shifts in perspective necessary for churches to succeed at reaching lost people – based on Jesus’ own practice and mandate. This will include Q & A from the floor.

Moderator: Ross Anderson, Utah Advance Ministries

Panelists:   Fred Lopez, Hope Resurrected Church — Steve Bennetson, Alpine Church —           Alfred Murillo, Synergy in Action Network — Rene Melendez, Alpine Church, Latino Campus — Dave Elshaug, K2 the Church — Hope Taylor, International Leadership Embassy

10:30 Session II:Practices for Effective Outreach
Our panel will explore helpful practices that churches might employ to succeed at reaching lost people. We are not promoting a particular model of ministry, but want attendees to learn how to implement basic principles to reach their own target audience.

11:45 Announcements / Close

11:50 Mixer  Panelists will be available throughout the room to answer questions and interact personally with attendees.

12:20 Lunch with Panelists  Each panelist (or pair of panelists) will go to a different nearby restaurant for lunch, to be available for additional conversation, encouragement and prayer. Attendees are welcome to go have lunch with any panelists they choose, if they wish. Participants pay for their own lunch.