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Veteran ministers pray over new church planters at the Loving Utah Summit Oct. 2017

Loving Utah is catalyzing local churches to move from Survive, to Thrive, to Multiply!


Recently I have felt the need to call people to pray for Utah. There is a growing movement of churches who deeply love their communities, and desire for their neighbors to become fully devoted followers of Jesus. You may not know this, but about 2% of the population of Utah attends a gospel preaching church. I am praying that over the next 3-5 years, We could establish 100 new local congregations in Utah, and we will challenge 100 existing churches to double their Kingdom impact though evangelism & discipleship, or by launching a new local congregations through church planting or additional campuses.  If both of these happen, we could potentially reach the next 2% of the population

The movement is forming, and the gospel is penetrating the hearts of people in Utah. This is a hard place to do ministry, but we will not stop until every man, woman and child have the opportunity to hear the Gospel.  Thanks for opening up your heart to what God is doing.

Dave Elshaug, Vision Catalyst for Loving Utah

Will you join us for 7 days of prayer for Utah?

Each day ask God, “How can I be part of the solution to the challenges in Utah?”

DAY 1: The People. Many people in Utah are trapped in generational religion. Utah has the highest teen suicide rate in the nation, and highest use of anti-depressants. We have a large population of people living in polygamy, refugees from all over the world, and many homeless. Addiction is a major issue here.
PRAY that the Christian churches can bring a message of hope in a way that shines the light of Jesus in places of spiritual darkness. That many new disciples will be raised up and impact Utah in a greater way.

DAY 2: Our Pastors. Ministry is challenging and stressful. Ministry in Utah is compounded by the culture we are trying to overcome. Pastors deal with loneliness, discouragement, financial pressures and a great amount of spiritual warfare.
PRAY that God would fill Utah with pastors who will stand strong, remain faithful, reach out to fellow pastors, and make a great impact in their communities.

DAY 3: Church Planters. Many new church planters arrive in Utah every year from various denominations and sending agencies. Because of the hardness of the soil in Utah, many don’t survive, which creates a lot of pain and sorrow for the planter and the congregation. Loving Utah is providing relationship and mentoring, networking and education to help planters move from survive, to thrive, to multiply.
PRAY that God will give Loving Utah greater influence in the lives of planters, and that planters will lean into mentoring relationships, and friendships with other local pastors.

DAY 4: Christian churches. About 2% of people in Utah attend a gospel preaching church. The other 98% are committed to other religions, or are not committed to any pursuit of God. This classifies Utah as a mission field, but one that most are unaware of.
PRAY that churches are effective in reaching the communities around them, and making disciples of many. Pray that congregations will know God’s love, and share it with the community around them. Pray that congregation members will rise up to serve and lead in their churches. Pray that God will draw the lost into our churches to experience God’s love, grace, truth, and life-transforming power of salvation through Christ’s sacrifice on the cross and resurrection from the dead.

DAY 5: Resources. The local churches in Utah are often living on the edge financially. Many are understaffed for the task that is before them. Many lack adequate facilities. Most schools will not rent space to churches, and property acquisition is extremely difficult in Utah.
PRAY that God will pour resources into the Kingdom here in Utah. Pray that the churches will use creativity to overcome barriers. Pray that Christians in Utah will be obedient to God in giving to their local churches.

DAY 6: Missional Love. The great thing about Utah is that churches, regardless of background, are willing to work together and serve each other across denominational lines. Veteran pastors are willing to mentor younger pastors. There is a deep love and care for our neighboring pastors. “We’re all on the same mission together” is the spirit that binds us together. It is a beautiful display of God’s love.
PRAY that the spirit of missional love continues to grow. That churches begin to plant churches together. Pray that this unity will draw people into the gospel. Pray that pastors and congregations will love each other, and each other’s churches deeply, from the heart!

DAY 7: Loving Utah. Loving Utah is a catalyst in promoting everything you’ve been praying for above. 1. Loving Utah believes God loves the PEOPLE of Utah and wants every man woman, and child to hear the gospel and experience his love. 2. Loving Utah will stand with PASTORS through coaching, relationships, and encouragement to press on. 3. Loving Utah will continue to recruit CHURCH PLANTERS, and meet with recruits from multiple denominations and sending agencies. 4. Loving Utah started in the heart of a handful of local pastors who desire to see every church planter connected and cared for. We are committed to the health and growth of local CHURCHES in Utah. 5. Loving Utah is seeking RESOURCES to overcome barriers to bring on church planting residents, finances to plant more churches, and help the local church and offer to help to church plants to move from survive, to thrive, to multiply. 6. Loving Utah will continue to fight for local churches to LOVE ONE ANOTHER, and to be on mission together to reach every person in Utah with the good news of Jesus Christ.


Now that you’ve prayed for Utah, and asked God how you could be part of the solution, let us know what God is doing in your heart. Here are just a few ways you could contribute to his Kingdom:

1) Continue to pray for Utah. Make the 7 days of prayer a part of your regular time with God.

2) Contribute financially.  We are currently raising monthly support with a goal of $100,000 by April 31, 2018.  Your monthly pledge or special gift would be greatly appreciated and help us reach our state with the gospel.

3) If you live in Utah, get involved in making disciples in a local congregation and contribute financially to your church.

4) If you don’t live in Utah, consider moving to Utah on mission. Utah has a strong economy, many job opportunities and the great outdoors. Join a local congregation and begin to love your Utah neighbors.

5) Perhaps God is asking you to do something else. Take whatever step of faith he’s calling you to.

Please let us know what God is doing in your heart. You can email me at