Monthly Archives: June 2018


A BOLD NEW SEASON: Dave Elshaug is now the full time director of Loving Utah, after volunteering his time to the Loving Utah movement since 2011.  We are excited for the next chapter.  We want to give you a preview of some things we’re working on as well.  K2 the Church leadership commissioned Dave Elshaug to lead, along with his team of leaders and the network of pastors and leaders who are tilling the soil of Utah for the Kingdom.

FALL SUMMIT — DATE TO BE DETERMINED:  We will be having a groundbreaking gathering where we will launch our four major initiatives.  These are designed to be a catalyst for the church planting movement in Utah that we all care so deeply about.  Please be praying for God to continue to open doors like never before.

FOUR MAJOR INITIATIVES:  We are in the process of creating a new website that will provide links to great resources for Church Planters, Denominations and Sending Agencies.   Here is a preview of what we will be focusing on moving forward.