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Opposing Worldviews – Transcript Available

brentdslife100At last month’s Church Planter’s Summit, Dr. Brent Slife’s gave a penetrating analysis of how the secular world view of America opposes the biblical world view at three key points. Response to this message have been very favorable. As a result, we asked Dr. Slife for permission to post the transcript of his presentation, which he has granted. If you want to review the message or share it with others, you can find it here: Opposing Worldviews.

Be encouraged and learn from God’s activity in Utah and around the world.

Thursday, October 22
Centerville, Utah

On Thursday, October 22, from 8 am-3pm, a dynamic team of presenters will help us discover what God is up to in Utah and around the world! Regional pastors & national church planting leaders who love Utah will share Kingdom stories. This is an amazing opportunity to learn from each other, build relationships, and pray for each other.  Please pass this along to any Utah pastor you know!

Location: The Bridge Community, 260 E. Pages LaneCenterville, UT 84014.
Cost $10 per person. (This fee covers lunch and refreshments).
Child care is provided free.
Please REGISTER using the form below.

  • What’s God up to in Utah Church Planters?  A panel of pastors leading newer church plants.
  • What’s God up to in Utah? A panel of veteran ministers reveal historical movement, and current trends in doing ministry for the long haul in Utah.
  • What’s God up to in the USA & the world?  A panel of national leaders will share current trends in Church planting from a global perspective.
YOUR STORY LUNCH (12:30 – 1:30 PM)
come prepared to share your latest success & latest setback.  Your story matters to God’s Kingdom!
  • Double your Kingdom Impact: Learn how Intentional Churches can help you double your impact in the next year.  Discover how to get on the ground level of IC Utah, and hear about some special one-time discounted offers for Utah church plants. Bart Rendel & Dave Elshaug
  • Kingdom Collaboration: Discover how Utah Churches can work together to plant more churches. Get in on this ground breaking idea. Dave Nelson, Nick Boring
  • Kingdom Training: Discover different training opportunities for you and your church leaders here in Utah.  Tom McClenahan, Ross Anderson
  • International Kingdom Impact:  Discover how your church can work with Compassion International & Stadia to plant churches internationally and impact an entire impoverished community with the Gospel.  Jeff Bennett


AIbEiAIAAAAiCM68ttaa3Y7KMRDNh4Hg_YngsIgBGKK2ibjAwomlkgEwAZQp5sJFN7SzZ7AItZKKL8KniTPgNIck Boring is Collaboration Executive with Stadia. NIck left the corporate arena in 2003 to join the staff of Kensington Community Church, in Troy, MI, as Director of Church Planting. More recently, Nick was the U.S. Catalyst for Vision360. Nick travels extensively, connecting and empowering collaboration between church planting teams and churches of many networks.

bart-rendelBart Rendel is Co-founder of Intentional Churches, whose mission is to help churches double their kingdom impact over and over again. His dream is to establish a customized, team-based planning experience, that will lead to a movement of churches expanding their Great Commission impact. Bart is excited to bring Intentional Churches to Utah!

Jeff-Bennett-2Jeff Bennett is U.S. Church Planting Executive and South Regional Executive with Stadia. His focus is increasing Stadia’s capacity to make a greater impact in U.S. church planting. Previously, Jeff was Stadia’s Southwest Area Network Director and Executive Pastor with Verve Church in Las Vegas, NV. He has partnered in planting churches in Virginia, across the U.S. and globally.

ICPAlogo_2colorStephen Edwards is the director of ICPA.  He knows that the Northwest is the most unchurched area of in our country and the ICPA has a goal to see 20 more churches planted in the next 5 years. That is our vision, but the concern is real: many church planting organizations do not think there will be enough healthy church planters that rise up in the next decade to sustain the vision and goals for future plants.

More information to come!  We can’t wait to see you there!


Survivor Loving Utahlovingutahlogo3 (1)


For Pastors, Staff, Team Members & Spouses

On TV, the sole survivor wins. But when it comes to ministry in and around Utah, sole survivors lose. Instead of going it alone, Loving Utah strives to encourage church planters and pastors to reach out to one another, pray for one another, and create informal networks where it’s safe to share struggles, encourage one another and live in unity of purpose: to reach Utah for Christ through his gospel.

Date: Thursday, May 14, 2015.

Location: Missio Dei Community, 510 W. 200 N., SLC

Cost: $10 per person. Free childcare available upon request.
Please register below.

8:00   Hang out with friends over coffee

9:00-9:45 Survivors on Mission Together  — Dave Nelson & Shane Finley

10:00-11:30 Survivor Break Outs:  Three simultaneous conversations to learn from and encourage each other.

  • Surviving Expectations:  Finding contentment when our own expectations and those of our leaders, supporters, and attenders are unmet. 
  • Surviving Big Hits:  Remaining Hopeful when challenges, tragic events, loss of key people, and life’s circumstances try to knock us down. 
  • Surviving Family Stuff:  Finding satisfaction in sacrifice while providing for your family.

11:45  Lunch

12:30  Invitation to an informal conversations & prayer with the survivors

The formal meeting is over with lunch. But long-tenured pastors and planters will stick around into the afternoon for informal conversation with anyone who wants to hang out. The Loving Utah team would love to pray with you, answer any questions, and encourage you wherever you may be struggling to survive


2 Free Events in March: Fueling Discipleship & Generosity

Don’t you want to fuel the fire of discipleship & generosity in your church?  There’s two amazing opportunities in March to energize your leadership.  And they’re FREE!


Thursday, March 19 8:30-10:00am Salt Lake City    Location The Well Church, 6135 S Stratler St, Murray RSVP to  


Dave Elshaug Headshot smallIntentional Churches (IC) has a vision of to be a catalyst for gospel-multiplying movements across America and is now serving pastors in Utah. Dave Elshaug, Executive Pastor at K2 the Church and IC Coach & Facilitator will lead an interactive workshop on how to “improve your discipleship pathway”.  This is an opportunity to expand your reach and multiply your great commission impact and learn from other pastors.    A discipleship pathway is the way your church leads a believer at any stage, or an unbeliever to becoming a fully devoted follower of Christ.  There are likely thousands of combinations of classes, books, relationships, and experiences that could make up a pathway in any given church.  But the most important thing is that you can identify your pathwaycommunicate it well, and implement it in the context of your church community.  learn more at 

hands-2013-232x300FUELING GENEROSITY in your CHURCH   Monday, March 23 9am-12noon     Salt Lake City    Location The Rock Church  (Red Building) 193 West 2100 South, Salt Lake City, UT  RSVP to  

Phil Ling of the Giving Church is offering free training in Salt Lake for pastors and church leaders.  Phil coached K2 the Church and helped them raise the money to move into a new facilities, and he’s assisted hundreds more in reaching their dream of being a generous church. 

 phil_new_use-300x194The Giving Church exists to help you achieve the goals of your church by equipping you with proven strategies of generosity development to build an open-handed culture of generosity in your organization.  From custom designed generosity campaigns to media marketing, custom video production and web design- The Giving Church features design and communications experts to meet your needs in growing your culture of generosity to achieve your vision!

As a church planter, business entrepreneur and sixth generation ministry leader, Phil Ling provides energetic leadership and strategic direction to The Giving Church consulting team. His expertise in building networks and developing resources to establish and strengthen congregations and non-profit organizations is a hallmark of his ministry and is an unparalleled asset to the clients he serves.  learn more at 

Panelists for the THINK OUTSIDE Ministry Workshop

The “Think Outside” Ministry Workshop will feature several experienced leaders who have been successful at helping churches become more outwardly focused.

Our panelists represent a wealth of ministry experience in church outreach, using a variety of different models and targeting many different audiences.

Ross Anderson

Ross Anderson is our host and moderator. Ross is Director of Utah Advance Ministries, which seeks to help churches wisely engage Utah’s unique religious and cultural climate. He also serves as a Teaching Pastor at Alpine Church.

Dave Elshaug

Dave Elshaug is Executive Pastor at K-2 the Church. One of Salt Lake City’s most dynamic churches, K-2 focuses on reaching a non-LDS, secular population. Dave is also Director of Loving Utah, a church planting network.

Steve BennetsenSteve Bennetsen is a Teaching Pastor and Executive Pastor at Alpine Church. Alpine has grown considerably over the last decade by mastering the strategy of using Sunday services as a gateway for people far from God.

Rene MelendezRene Melendez is Pastor at Alpine Church‘s Latino Campus. He is succeeding at applying Alpine’s outreach and discipleship strategy to a Latino cultural setting.

Alfred Murillo is Director of the Synergy in Action Network. Alfred MurilloFormerly at the Utah Dream Center, Alfred specializes in helping churches set up ministries that share Christ and practice justice by meeting practical needs in the community.

Hope Taylor is Director of the International Leadership Embassy in Hope TaylorWashington, D.C. ILE helps Christians engage their communities by impacting government, with an ultimate aim of transforming culture.

Fred Lopez

Fred Lopez is co-host. He is Senior Pastor at Hope Resurrected Church. Adopting new perspectives and practices toward outreach, Fred has led the church to a growth surge that has required recently moving to a larger facility.


The Workshop is Saturday, February 7 from 8:30am-12:20pm

Location: Alpine Church offices at 2564 Washington Blvd., Ogden Utah.

RSVP to Ross Anderson –
Don’t come alone! Bring someone from your leadership team to process ideas with.

Sponsored by Loving Utah: A Church Planting Network.

THINK OUTSIDE Workshop February 7

Many churches are in decline or plateau in America.  They are losing people and losing momentum.  This is evidence that most Christians believe evangelism and outreach is optional for church members.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  That’s why we’re gathering on Saturday, February 7 for the Think Outside FREE Ministry Workshop in Ogden:  How Churches succeed in reaching people far from God.

The Bible describes the church as a family, and often people in churches can turn inward and focus only on current family members. But the Bible is clear about our Great Commission to go and reach new members to God’s Family. So how do we “Think Outside” our church walls? A FREE Ministry Workshop will tackle this dilemma on Saturday, February 7 8:30am-12:20pm followed by lunch with presenters.



RSVP to                                                            Ross Anderson –   Don’t come alone! Bring someone from your leadership team to process ideas with.

Location: Alpine Church offices at               2564 Washington Blvd., Ogden Utah.

Theme: Explore foundational perspectives and helpful practices that will transform churches to greater effectiveness at reaching lost people with the gospel of Christ.

8:30 Registration / Coffee / Fellowship

9:00 Session I: Perspectives on Effective Outreach:  A panel of pastors will explore basic shifts in perspective necessary for churches to succeed at reaching lost people – based on Jesus’ own practice and mandate. This will include Q & A from the floor.

Moderator: Ross Anderson, Utah Advance Ministries

Panelists:   Fred Lopez, Hope Resurrected Church — Steve Bennetson, Alpine Church —           Alfred Murillo, Synergy in Action Network — Rene Melendez, Alpine Church, Latino Campus — Dave Elshaug, K2 the Church — Hope Taylor, International Leadership Embassy

10:30 Session II:Practices for Effective Outreach
Our panel will explore helpful practices that churches might employ to succeed at reaching lost people. We are not promoting a particular model of ministry, but want attendees to learn how to implement basic principles to reach their own target audience.

11:45 Announcements / Close

11:50 Mixer  Panelists will be available throughout the room to answer questions and interact personally with attendees.

12:20 Lunch with Panelists  Each panelist (or pair of panelists) will go to a different nearby restaurant for lunch, to be available for additional conversation, encouragement and prayer. Attendees are welcome to go have lunch with any panelists they choose, if they wish. Participants pay for their own lunch.


Church Planter’s Summit


“So Someone Walks Through Your Door”

Engaging Questions from New Guests

Unchurched people have questions when they first venture through our doors. They want to know who we are and what we stand for. Who is in charge? How do we handle money? Gender roles? Sexual ethics? How do we respond to their issues in a way that invites relationship and points to the gospel, while maintaining our identity and convictions?

Join the conversation as we share our questions and best ideas together. Church planters, pastors, spouses, team members, and regional leaders are all welcome! Invite a friend. 

October 8, 2014, at K-2 the Church. 8 a.m. through lunch. 

Please RSVP – Cost: $10 per person (pay at door).

Free childcare provided – please RSVP with # of children & ages.

Register Here or contact:

Church Planter’s Summit

Summit-Logo-2014“So Someone Walks Through Your Door”
Engaging Questions from New Guests

For Church Planters, Pastors, Spouses, and Team Members
At K2 The Church, 8:00 am through lunch

As people approach our churches for the first time, they have many questions about what we represent, about issues like ecclesiastical authority, paid pastors, financial transparency, gender roles, sexual ethics, and more.

How do we respond to such issues in a way that invites relationship
and points our guests to the gospel, without betraying our convictions?

Join the conversation as we share our questions and best ideas.

Please RSVP — Cost: $10 per person (pay at door).
Free childcare provided – please RSVP # of children & ages

Register Here or


Church Planting Models and Approaches

Ask ten different organizations for a list of the different types of church planting models and you will get ten different lists (i.e. there is no universally agreed to list of church planting models). If you would like to see different lists, simply do a Google or Yahoo search on “church planting models” and/or “new church models”. Instead of providing a comprehensive list of all possible models, we will attempt in this tutorial to highlight the high levels considerations that distinguish different models.

Seven Primary Characteristics in Determining Models vs. Strategies
Note: often people confuse “models” with “strategies.” For example, the decision to start a small coffee shop venue with candles and a dark intimate environment to reach post moderns is a strategy and not a model. In the context below, models are distinguished from one another by at least seven primary characteristics.

Categories of Models
So…how do these questions translate into church planting models? Most models fit into one or more of the following categories

Church Types
House Churches
Ethnic Churches

Free Network Church Planting Papers – Ever wondered how any and every church can get involved in church planting? Click here and here to download papers discussing networks of churches getting together to plant new churches. Planting churches is the most effective way to reach lost people. Find out how your church can be involved.


Planting In Weakness

By Jon Payne

Planting a church is about being willing to feel weak.

For over 20 years I’ve heard stories of church planters starting brand new churches, launching themselves and their families into an adventure for God’s glory. These men, their families, and the teams that follow them have been my heroes. They sacrificed the comfortable surroundings of outstanding local churches for the certain sacrifice of establishing a new church from the ground up. For years there was a certain assumption of inevitability in this process. Surely this level of faith and joy and partnership and support could only conclude in another outstanding church in the future. But then I heard, for the first time, about a church plant that had to close its doors. Now I know that church plants close their doors all the time. The attempt is not inevitable after all. Perhaps planting a church is not about feeling strong.

Now I am preparing to lead a church plant. The adventure, the vision of serving and sacrificing for the glory of God has lost none of its attraction. To my maturing eyes, God has only become more glorious, the gospel more worthy, the need more desperate, the adventure more honorable. But now nothing seems inevitable at all. I am peering into the future and realizing what all of those teams faced. Planting a church is about being willing to feel weak.

Weakness in the Bible is not cultivated immaturity, nor celebrated laziness, nor whining self-pity. It is the reality of life as a creature and as a sinner. We are not self-existent. We do not create ex-nihilo. We cannot save. Being weak is not an occasional experience but the condition given to us by the Lord. A church plant magnifies the normal weaknesses of everyone involved and invites us to see close up just how vulnerable we are. A church planting pastor can’t save the unbelievers who listen to his messages. He can’t ultimately preserve his dear friends from wandering into unbelief and sin. He can’t bring spiritual revival to his new city home. But these are the reasons he is planting a church. A church planter is called to do, desires to do, what he cannot do. The mountain is too high but we are called to climb, the stream too wide but we are called to swim.

Of course we could give up, turn away, and applaud others from a distance. Or we can be willing to be weak, so that the power of Christ may rest upon us. The more we desire to see of his power, the more weak we must be willing to feel. The more impossible the task we accept, the more weak we will feel, and the more we will see the glory of God’s power and the inevitability of his promise.

God is not weak. God’s gospel is inevitable—it will reach the nations. Church planting means being willing to feel weak in myself. Church planting is believing that God desires to reveal the glory of his power, the strength of his gospel. To see that sight, I am willing to feel weak. I am willing to plant a church.

* This post originally appeared on Jon Payne’s blog, To See The Glory.
Jon has been on staff at Sovereign Grace Church of Gilbert, Arizona since 2005 and leads the Youth Ministry called G2. As well, he counsels and serves small group leaders.
– See more at: