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BREAKING NEWS! Ministry Leadership Training Offered Free!

In May we posted about a new opportunity for theological and ministry leadership training that equips people to serve the church in Utah’s unique cultural setting, called Church Birthing Matrix.

The good news is that this program is now being offered free of charge for the inaugural year.

This training is geared for laypersons potentially on a track into vocational ministry, whether as church planters or any ministry role.  It is also ideal for those who have already started in ministry but for whom job or family commitments make traditional theological education impractical.  We are also happy to enroll Elder-level lay leaders whose ministry in the church would be enhanced by more training.

Cohorts meet every Tuesday night and one Saturday each month, for two academic years.  Instruction is provided by live webinar from nationally qualified instructors.  Each cohort is led by an experienced local mentor / coach who will help students apply the training in their own ministry setting.  We are forming two cohorts in Utah, meeting in Taylorsville (led by Chuck Lovelady, Timpanogos Baptist Church) and Layton (led by Ross Anderson, Alpine Church).

Classes start on September 3 and 7.  Registration is open through August 23.  Please take time to look over the catalog and course descriptions.  Please spread the word to anyone you know who might benefit from this training experience. If you have any questions, contact Ross Anderson at utahadvance@gmail.com.

Note: The program is not accredited, because we acknowledge that realistic time commitments for church leaders will not include term papers, tests, and thousands of pages of reading.  Also, the emphasis is on actual preparation for ministry rather than meeting institutional requirements.

Cities Without Churches

Imagine a city or town in America that doesn’t have a Christian church.  Not a soul who follows Jesus.  No witness of the Gospel. lovingutahlogo3       It seems unimaginable to most Christians in America who can pick and choose the best church to go to in their community.  There are many cities and towns in Utah that have never been penetrated with the good news of Jesus.  Image Most likely our research is incomplete, and there may be other communities that we are unaware of at this time.  But take a look at all the communities without a church.  We’ll keep looking, and we’ll keep praying for God to send leaders to plant churches in these and many other communities.  The reality in the rest of Utah is that 2-4% of the population attend a gospel/grace teaching church.  We know of about 300 Christian Churches in all of Utah for a population of 2,800,000 people.  That’s one Christian Church for every 9,333 people.  Most churches in Utah are 100 people or less.  There are less than 10 churches in all of Utah with congregations greater than 1,000.  It is highly likely that more people attend Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church on a weekend, than attend all Christian churches in Utah. If you want to know where the harvest is plenty, and the laborers are few, look no further than Utah.  Please join us in prayer for the people of this great state!